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The Rapture Theory by Paul Benson

Our E-Books

'The Pre-Trib Rapture: A Bucket Full of Holes' by Paul Benson. 190 pages.This is Paul's latest book that gives a very detailed look at the various facets of pre-trib theory showing the absolute proof this doctrine is not true. If you are looking for proof, here it is! For your free copy just click the Download button below.

'Should they be Changing the Holy Bible?' by Paul Benson

This is an EZ-Read - 88 pages.

An examination of the corrupting changes to the modern Bible versions, and how these alterations affect the understanding of the reader and the doctrines of the Body of Christ. For a free copy of 'Should they be Changing the Holy Bible?' click the Download button below.

'Escape or Passover' by Paul Benson

This is an EZ-Read - 72 pages.

Examines nearly 100 passages of Scripture concerning the Return of Christ and the Resurrection of the Believer. Focuses on the issue of whether or not the Church will go through the Great Tribulation. For a free Copy of 'Escape or Passover' click the Download button below.

'The True Sayings of God' by Paul Benson

A hefty (8 1/2" x 11") 160 page book showing nearly 500 of the changes to the modern versions and how they pervert the true Word of God. A comparative examination of 10 Bible versions. For a free copy of 'The True Sayings of God' click the Download button below.

'Remarkable Miracles'

is the story of a humble servant of God named Bevington who saw many healings and such through the power of prayer and fasting.  For a free copy of Remarkable Miracles click the button below.

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Our Booklets and Sermons

'Go Up The Mountain' is an exhortation to seek after anointing in not only preaching but day to day personal ministry. To download 'Go Up The Mountain'  click the button below.

'Guaranteed Revival!'

by Paul Benson. Looking for personal revival? This message will tell you just where to find it! To download 'Guaranteed Revival!' click the button below.

'Protection From Deception'

A timeless message by Dereck Prince on the dangers of Counterfeit Revival and insight on discerning the true from the false. To download a copy of 'Protection From Deception' click the button below.

'Sinners in the hands of a angry God'

by Jonathon Edwards. A classic and moving message. To download a copy click the button below.

'The Five Points Of Calvinism Considered' by David Kirkwood. A thought provoking look at the teachings of John Calvin. For a free copy just click the button below.

'Finding Victory Over Sin'

by Paul Benson. The true Gospel sets us free from the power of sin. To download a copy of this message click the button below.

'The True Prosperity Teachings of the Bible' by Paul Benson. A good look at the difference between what is commonly taught and what the Bible really has to say about the Blessing of God upon his children. To download click the proper button below.

'Reaping The Benefit of True Repentance' by Paul Benson. Explains why this element of the Gospel is so vital. and gives a rebuke to today's ear-ticklers who refuse to preach it. To download click the proper button below.